Tuesday, 6 November 2007

And so to the Autumn festival...

This morning I attended my kids' Harvest festival, except no I didn't - I attended their Autumn Festival. I'm not sure this is a politically correct name-change - just more perhaps a reflection that in these days of supermarket strawberries from Zimbabwe the idea of a seasonal harvest is slightly obsolete.

I wonder whether this is how the old Pagan festivals morphed out of existence. For years our forebears would turn up for a good old Yule knees up, then it was just a mid-winter hoe-down, and before the olde englanders knew it the Christians had nipped in and we had the twelve days of christmas.

Anyway it was an enjoyable, if random celebration, which was heart-warming to see - although I'm not sure if the pensioners who sat in the reserved seats in the front two rows really understood the relevance of the three High School musical tunes tacked on the end, and belted out with gusto by years 3-6.

Still they went home with a box of very assorted groceries to help them out so I'm sure they were happy. If they liked soup and beans that is.

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