Thursday, 31 May 2007

Campervan now fixed

My camper van is now fixed after it's unfortunate Dartford tunnel meltdown. Basically it dumped all its coolant in the middle of the Dartford tunnel leaving me with a choice between being on every traffic report in the country or soldiering on to the otherside with the temperate gauge going off the dial.

I chose the latter - result a banana shaped cylinder head and a nasty trip to the machine shop.

Grant from Jack's Garage assures me that it'll all be fine now. Honest.

I approach it's first long run with fear and trepidation.

Monday, 14 May 2007

Big mac

And so on Sunday afternoon to Leytonstone for the latest Maccy-ds kids party.

This is the third time we've headed out east recently and this time it's Alicia's turn to be celebrating. After negotiating the usual total grid-lock at the head of Leytonstone high-street we arrive ten minutes late.

The sweet smell of weed wafts from the black guy with the hoodie smoking by the door before we head inside to party central. The layout is split - turn left and you end up in the party-play area, turn right for food and cultural melting pot.

We deposit Dylan to the left with Alicia's mum, before Megan and I run across to the nearby Tesco's to buy the card we forgot to buy on the way here. We return with what we feel is the world's best card (complete with plastic necklace - cards have moved on from badges with dangerous pins it seems) - only to lose points by spelling Alisha's name wrong.

Megan and I leave Dylan to it for a bit and as we munch doughnuts next door Megan points and laughs "Look at that funny lady dad she's wearing a bib! Do you think she has Down's Syndrome?" Said lady is approximately 2 yards away.

Anyway so after a bit we head over to join Dylan in the climbing frame/play-bit - I sit down and chat to Tom's mum for a bit. Anyway two seconds later who arrives but the bib-wearing, down's syndrome lady who also seems to have a few tattoos. Turn's out she seems to be either "a bit simple" (is that un-pc? duh who knows) or out of it - it's hard to tell - she tells Megan she's had a few drinks so can't go on the climbing frame, could Megan play with her daughter? Megan proceeds to do this and gets on with her daughter like a house on fire.

At one point they run off back to the bib-ladys table next door, and instinctively I bolt after them. Megan is hiding under a table with the bib-lady's daughter, and at the table sits bib-lady another older lady who seems to be bib-lady's mum. She half mouth's an apology as I retrieve Megan and scold her for running off out of my sight.

Is she apologising for bib-lady, bib-lady's alleged drinking or accidentally hijacking Megan? I'm not sure but I'm a bit baffled all round by the whole experience.

I don't see the bib-lady again until we're leaving, as we walk out I can see her randomly hugging stranger's children.

Sometimes I have no idea what's going on.

Friday, 11 May 2007

Rats in a personal place

Amusing rat clip.

Thursday, 3 May 2007


So the creditcard link is now live - and we have billed our first revenue! Shame it came off the company creditcard as we tested the link.

Anyway pre-alpha final, final release is today. The team are pumped and we're really starting to get a view of how much we need to do before "go-live".

Adrian our COO is hassling me for plans endlessly, and constantly coming up with "great" ideas - personally I think he needs his own blog so he can expend some of his excess energy there. He should have another conduit for this energy tonight at the company drinks - but unfortunately I can't make it, which is a shame because I would have loved a jar or two to celebrate a productive week.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Packing and penalty shoot-outs

So yesterday was a day of good fortune - some good steps forward at work as we pinned down another part of the content puzzle, and moved closer to tomorrow's alpha release. Yay!

The production hardware is also proceeding full-steam ahead and the datacentre guys seem to be pulling their weight well. Double yay!

And then in the evening after a stultifying evening of packing kids clothes for the weekend away, Adrian's beloved Chelsea were knocked out of the Champions League - can life get any better?

And following on from yesterday's post - Frank Lampard 5 stars? No way Jose! And more relevantly Zoe turns out to be not the only one impressed by his manly charms - even John Terry seems to have noticed -,,2-2007190786,00.html

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Back to work

Back to work monday and all coming together nicely for the alpha trial - although our developers have pointed out that our new agile process after careful analysis is really rather like the old process with lots of cards. This of course is deliberate and allows us to add more agility as we go along without major upheaval. Honest.

At home kids are still in the grip of football card mania. This allows added leverage for difficult tasks such as going to bed as the threat of football card confiscation strikes the fear of god into them. Also two interesting football related revelations:-

1. Liberty's uncle is Rio Ferdinand - (3 star player card rating)
2. Megan's mate Zoe (aged 7) secretly fancies Frank Lampard (5 star player card rating).

Some obviously hilarious very pre-season rating misjudgements going on as illustrated above. Particularly noteworthy 5 stars for Michael Owen - who has played precisely one game this season.