Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Some things end

So after not blogging for a while I decided it was time to dust off the keyboard and get back to work.

The reason for the long break? At the start of the summer I went from being the second oldest man in the company to being the oldest ex-employee. Working for VCs can be tough...

Still it was good fun working for Blinkbox and we parted on amicable terms (or at least I think we did!). Sometimes you learn the most from the things that didn't go quite right, and I definitely learnt a ton while working there. So good luck to them. No, really!

Anyway back at work now after a summer of reflection and relaxation, and on to new challenges. New job is also in a great location near Victoria, which is I'm starting to find out fantastically close to some of London's most beautiful locations for eating lunch-time sandwiches.

Chicken and avocado on a bench in the autumn sun in St. James Park takes some beating. Bliss.

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