Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Back to work

Back to work monday and all coming together nicely for the alpha trial - although our developers have pointed out that our new agile process after careful analysis is really rather like the old process with lots of cards. This of course is deliberate and allows us to add more agility as we go along without major upheaval. Honest.

At home kids are still in the grip of football card mania. This allows added leverage for difficult tasks such as going to bed as the threat of football card confiscation strikes the fear of god into them. Also two interesting football related revelations:-

1. Liberty's uncle is Rio Ferdinand - (3 star player card rating)
2. Megan's mate Zoe (aged 7) secretly fancies Frank Lampard (5 star player card rating).

Some obviously hilarious very pre-season rating misjudgements going on as illustrated above. Particularly noteworthy 5 stars for Michael Owen - who has played precisely one game this season.

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